A brand new way to market your tee times
Our new website will promote your tee times using:
  • SEO
  • Remarketing
  • Social media
  • Trusted partners

We will aim to sell as many of your tee times as you give us, driving
additional green fee revenue
for your club.

We will get more of your tee times in front of more golfers.​
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Four reasons to consider GoPlayGolf.co.uk

You control the price
We work with golf clubs to deliver pricing designed to maximise your green fee revenue. We want more golfers   playing your course.

However, we also understand the value of a golf club brand, so we will never sell a tee time at a price that you     haven't agreed to. 
Lowest Commission
We have the lowest commission rate in the market. Commission is taken at the time of booking so once everything is all set up, you will never have to pay us a penny.
Backed by the golf industry
GoPlayGolf.co.uk is backed by The PGA and supported by Wales Golf. This industry supported tee time marketing system is considered a key benefit for clubs in terms of taking control of their pricing.

It works as an alternative to third party discount sites to help put the golf industry back in control of its own destiny.
It's all about added value
Because GoPlayGolf.co.uk  is a commission based model we only make money by selling your tee times. Therefore, we don't make money if you don't make money so we have a shared value in delivering more tee time bookings for your club.
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  • Green Fee pricing is controlled by the golf club.
  • Commission on bookings is at a market leading rate.
  • We commit to bringing you added value – we don’t make money if you don’t make money.
  • Our system can connect to your system.
  • Backed by The PGA
  • Variety of pricing options from as little as £250
There is no obligation to proceed if you decide that it is not right for you.

If you want to see how your course could look on the website, click the button and check out GoPlayGolf.co.uk. Your course may already be on there in our directory.    
Let us show your golf club to the thousands of golfers in the UK looking for a round of golf.​
Tee Time Search
Golfers are able to easily search for Tee Times at your club with times integrated into your current system.
Geo Location
GoPlayGolf uses smart
Geo-Location to display your club to the golfers closest to you.
Beautiful Profiles
Rich, image based profiles help to showcase the quality of your course and it’s facilities.
Course Details
Promote the key features and facilities of your course and allow golfers to get in touch to find out more.
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